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PJ Clarke’s

I have been to this PJ Clarke’s a few times now.  The first time I ate there I had the simply on a bun burger which I thought was a complete ripoff.  However, since I’ve been back I have been very pleased.  I would recommend the fish and chips, crab cake sandwich and Black Pot Pei Mussels Frites.  I’ve also tried the veggie burger and it was also really good.  One of the biggest downsides is the price, it is very expensive and I feel like some of the food just isn’t as good as the prices may suggest.

Overall Rating – 3.5.  The food there is pretty good but it is really expensive and sometimes the quality just doesn’t reflect the food.  Even though this place is usually very busy it is still easy to get a table and the service is always good.  It is a friendly place to and if you have the cash you should go for it.  I have yet to have a steak there, which is what I would go for next



Considering what Vermont usually has to bring to the table for Chinese this place seems like a safe haven in the small town of Essex.  It has a combination of things you would find at any local, terrible chinese takeaway and traditional chinese dishes.  I am a personal fan of their hot and sour soup.  The dumplings are small and over priced but fairly decent.  As a main dish I would recommend the chicken chow fun with black beans, a dish that is usually ok or very good.  However, Joyce’s is generally over-priced for the quality it brings.  $15.95 for below par general tao’s, $11.95 for the blandest roast pork with broccoli I have ever encountered and charging $1.75 for DUCK SAUCE is absurd.  If you find a few things there that you can enjoy and don’t mind shelling out a little bit more than I would recommend Joyce’s if you want consistently amazing Chinese food go to A Single Pebble in Burlington.

Overall Rating – 2.5.  A decent place to bring a date or splash out on a dinner but the likelihood that you will get your monies worth is quite low and with ever increasing prices (from what I have seen) it may be worth a complete miss. I am a big fine of the hot and sour soup which lives up to its name fairly well and is better than most feeble attempts at it in the area.  Though the chow fun can be quite oily and sometimes the veggies verge on the point of questionable it is a fairly reliable dish however paying over $11 bucks for it is just stupid.

Modern Apizza – New Haven, Conn.

We started day 2 of the road trip off at Modern Apizza in New Haven, Connecticut.  It was around 11:30 in the am but already there were several people eating huge pies of delicious looking thin crust pizza and many people were picking up pizza’s.  We sat down at a comfy booth and ordered a medium pizza with mushrooms (16 inches for $13.99).  The waiter was very friendly and the pizza arrived very quickly.  The burned edges suggested a brick fire and though the bottom was a little soggy it tasted firm.  However, it was easier to eat it with a knife and fork than with hands.  The pizza was quite delicious.  Lots of mushrooms covered the pizza with a thin layer of parmesan on top of that.  The cheese was great and the sauce was also very nice, a good thin layer that didn’t over power any of the other ingredients.

Final Rating – 4.  Overall this restaurant was very good, much better than the pizza you get in Vermont at any rate.  The restaurant had a nice ambiance and it had retained it’s 75 year history.  Despite the fact that all the food tasted great it didn’t go beyond that.  There was nothing that made it stand out from other great pizza’s I’ve had and I feel like I was looking for something I had never tasted before.  I still highly recommend eating here if you ever got the chance.


Eagle’s Deli – Brighton, Mass.

Eagle’s Deli is probably most famous for appearing on several Travel channel TV shows such as Man Vs. Food and also the Rachel Ray Show.  They are famous for their giant challenge burgers the largest of which is 5 lbs. of meat, 5 lbs. of fries, 20 pieces of bacon, 20 pieces of cheese, a deli pickle and a fountain soda.  It’s a 60 dollar burger and definitely to much food.  I was pleased with the inside,I was expecting a grubby but friendly sort of diner place but instead I got a really nice looking eatery with several TV’s showing sports center.  I went for a King Kong burger with fries and a drink ( 1/2 lb. of meat,  $8.99) and Brian got a veggie burger ($4.59).  The burger looked really great, there was a good amount of lettuce and a very generous amount of pickles (something that is usually skimped on).  The burger tasted great, the meat was perfectly cooked for me.  The fries were really excellent but the portion was far to small.   From what Brian told me the veggie burger was good, I would never go near such a thing.

Final Rating – 4.  The food and space was pretty excellent but the fries portion was far to small.  The challenge menu is great but I felt like my burger was a bit over priced though it was quite good.  Overall, we felt like we had a great eating experience only punctuated by a few little annoying things.

Watch This Video and All the Others:


Bob’s Clam Hut – Kittery, Maine

My very good friend, Brian, and I embarked on a 3 day roadtrip around the northeast.  The point of the trip was to have fun, see sights, but mainly to eat amazing food.  Our first stop brought us just inside the Maine border to Bob’s Clam Hut.  I have been going to Bob’s longer than I can remember (it has been around since 1956) and it was just as packed as ever, there was actually a parking lot attendant showing people where to park because it was so full.  There were still tables available and though the line looked long it went by very quickly.  I had a clam strip basket which comes with fries, cole slaw and a dinner roll ($12.95) and Brian had a grilled cheese sandwich and fries ($3.90).  The menu is huge, burgers, sandwiches, chicken, hot dogs and probably every type of shellfish you can imagine and it’s completely fresh.  My heaping plate of clams were golden and tasted absolutely gorgeous.  You could taste the sea but not in a disgusting salty way.  It was like eating tiny pieces of deep fried gold.  The fries were hot and crispy and the huge cup of coleslaw was delicious.  The grilled cheese looked delicious and I’m sure if I had tried to touch Brian would have ripped my hand off.

Final Rating – 5.  It would be sacrilegious to give it anything less.  This classic roadside seafood restaurant has stood the test of time.  For anyone even remotely near the area it should be a must.  This is without a doubt one of America’s great road restaurants.

Check out the beginning of the road trip and bob’s clam hut in this video


Henry’s Diner – Burlington, VT

Sorry that this one is a little late, a few days ago I ate at Henry’s Diner when I was downtown.  The restaurant doesn’t really get old.  It is one of the few places in Vermont that pulls off the classic diner look incredibly well.  For the first time I went to a restaurant in the afternoon when it was compleatly packed! The service was quick and great.  I had an american cheese omelet with home fries and rye toast and my dad had a ham and swiss cheese omelet with home fries and an english muffin.  My dad wasn’t crazy about his omelet and while mine was pretty good it lacked that special something. However, the toast was great and the home fries were some of the best I’ve had in a long time (both dishes were between $7-$8).  There was a wide variety of favorites on the menu which are all reliable and decently priced.

Final Rating – 3.  Great side dishes combined with less than impressive mains attribute to the 3.  An absolutely charming place with great people working there.  Any time you want breakfast go there though it does close at 4pm.

Oriental Wok – Essex, Vermont

I have never liked Oriental Wok.  I’ve had many bad experiences there.  It’s cheap, that is pretty much the only good thing I can say about it.  Against my better judgement my Dad and I got take away from there.  I had the sesame chicken and my Dad had roast pork lo mein.  I tried the lo mein and it was fairly oily, a little undercooked but on the whole ok.  My sesame chicken was terrible.  A pile of formerly frozen breaded chicken drowned in a sickly, goopy sauce.  It was also just a big pile of chicken, not a single vegetable.  I’ve had there chicken with broccoli and their dragon and pheonix before and from what I can remember they were both terrible.  Will never go back again.

Final Rating – 1.  I wasn’t even going to write about this experience but I hope some people will read this and know to never go to this restaurant, which is barely Chinese, definitely the most americanized Chinese restaurant I’ve ever encountered.  DO NOT GO.