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Oriental Wok – Essex, Vermont

May 24, 2012

I have never liked Oriental Wok.  I’ve had many bad experiences there.  It’s cheap, that is pretty much the only good thing I can say about it.  Against my better judgement my Dad and I got take away from there.  I had the sesame chicken and my Dad had roast pork lo mein.  I tried the lo mein and it was fairly oily, a little undercooked but on the whole ok.  My sesame chicken was terrible.  A pile of formerly frozen breaded chicken drowned in a sickly, goopy sauce.  It was also just a big pile of chicken, not a single vegetable.  I’ve had there chicken with broccoli and their dragon and pheonix before and from what I can remember they were both terrible.  Will never go back again.

Final Rating – 1.  I wasn’t even going to write about this experience but I hope some people will read this and know to never go to this restaurant, which is barely Chinese, definitely the most americanized Chinese restaurant I’ve ever encountered.  DO NOT GO.


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  1. Michael permalink

    Highly disagree! Their cashew pork is to die for! They always have THE nicest girl working and my order is always delightfuly!

    • i’ve never had that dish but over all I feel that there are so many better options than o wok i’ve been to chinese restaurants all over the world, i grew up in nyc and i live there now and i’m around some of the best chinese food in the world there and that is what i based my review off of.

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