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Eagle’s Deli – Brighton, Mass.

June 5, 2012

Eagle’s Deli is probably most famous for appearing on several Travel channel TV shows such as Man Vs. Food and also the Rachel Ray Show.  They are famous for their giant challenge burgers the largest of which is 5 lbs. of meat, 5 lbs. of fries, 20 pieces of bacon, 20 pieces of cheese, a deli pickle and a fountain soda.  It’s a 60 dollar burger and definitely to much food.  I was pleased with the inside,I was expecting a grubby but friendly sort of diner place but instead I got a really nice looking eatery with several TV’s showing sports center.  I went for a King Kong burger with fries and a drink ( 1/2 lb. of meat,  $8.99) and Brian got a veggie burger ($4.59).  The burger looked really great, there was a good amount of lettuce and a very generous amount of pickles (something that is usually skimped on).  The burger tasted great, the meat was perfectly cooked for me.  The fries were really excellent but the portion was far to small.   From what Brian told me the veggie burger was good, I would never go near such a thing.

Final Rating – 4.  The food and space was pretty excellent but the fries portion was far to small.  The challenge menu is great but I felt like my burger was a bit over priced though it was quite good.  Overall, we felt like we had a great eating experience only punctuated by a few little annoying things.

Watch This Video and All the Others:



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