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Modern Apizza – New Haven, Conn.

June 6, 2012

We started day 2 of the road trip off at Modern Apizza in New Haven, Connecticut.  It was around 11:30 in the am but already there were several people eating huge pies of delicious looking thin crust pizza and many people were picking up pizza’s.  We sat down at a comfy booth and ordered a medium pizza with mushrooms (16 inches for $13.99).  The waiter was very friendly and the pizza arrived very quickly.  The burned edges suggested a brick fire and though the bottom was a little soggy it tasted firm.  However, it was easier to eat it with a knife and fork than with hands.  The pizza was quite delicious.  Lots of mushrooms covered the pizza with a thin layer of parmesan on top of that.  The cheese was great and the sauce was also very nice, a good thin layer that didn’t over power any of the other ingredients.

Final Rating – 4.  Overall this restaurant was very good, much better than the pizza you get in Vermont at any rate.  The restaurant had a nice ambiance and it had retained it’s 75 year history.  Despite the fact that all the food tasted great it didn’t go beyond that.  There was nothing that made it stand out from other great pizza’s I’ve had and I feel like I was looking for something I had never tasted before.  I still highly recommend eating here if you ever got the chance.



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